Innovative Onboard Lighting Solutions | Refond's Automotive-Grade LEDs Empower Vehicle Intelligence

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Innovative Onboard Lighting Solutions | Refond's Automotive-Grade LEDs Empower Vehicle Intelligence


Currently, the automotive industry is experiencing continuous development and transformation driven by the 'new four modernizations' trends - intelligent, connected, electric, and shared vehicles. This evolution presents both opportunities and challenges for automotive lighting and displays. Onboard lighting applications are shifting towards becoming more intelligent, personalized, and diverse. There's a growing emphasis on human-machine interaction and the overall driving and riding experience.

Passenger Vehicle New Four Modernization Index Sub-Index--Index of intelligence

July 2022-July 2023

Refond & Profession

Refond Optoelectronics, as one of the earliest domestic enterprises to enter the field of automotive LED lighting, joined Hyundai's system in South Korea in 2006, becoming the only Chinese manufacturer among Hyundai's global LED suppliers. Over the past decade, Refond has been deeply engaged in automotive lighting applications and has built a comprehensive portfolio of automotive-grade LED products, offering complete solutions for vehicle lighting and onboard displays.

Committed to innovation, Refond is actively driving intelligent interactive automotive LED lighting and display solutions. The company has achieved breakthroughs in multiple application scenarios and introduced several innovative automotive products to the market.

01. The world's first automotive-grade Mini LED graphical interactive taillight

Taillights are crucial components for driving safety, reflecting the overall vehicle design and personalized elements. 

Refond through the highly integrated design of Mini LED, has transformed taillights into customizable interactive platforms. They can display rich graphics and animations, enabling interactions with people, the vehicle, and the surrounding environment, ultimately enhancing driving safety.

Product Advantages:

- Pixelated design for a rich variety of intelligent scene designs.
- LVDS data transmission, with CAN and Ethernet options.
- Flexible pixel pitch to meet various display requirements (options ranging from >0.9mm full color to >0.3mm single-color pixel pitch designs).
- Customizable taillights supporting shape, size, splicing, and integrated designs.

02. Mini LED Dynamic Car Logo

Leveraging advanced Mini LED technology, Refond has developed a custom information output Mini LED dynamic car logo. This logo enables various dynamic display effects within intelligent scenarios by precisely controlling the brightness, color, and flash frequency of each LED chip. It can display text, graphics, animations, and other information, attracting consumers' attention while enhancing vehicle recognition and aesthetics.

Product Advantages:

- Pixelated design for a wide range of innovative applications in intelligent scenes.
- LVDS data transmission.
- Flexible pixel pitch to meet various display requirements, including options ranging from >0.9mm full color to >0.3mm single-color pixel pitch designs.
- Choice of single-color, white light, or RGB full-color design.
- Support for customized shapes and sizes.
- Designed in accordance with AEC-Q standards.

03 Mini LED Backlight for Central Control, Instrument Panel, and Entertainment Displays

As a crucial interface for human machine interaction in vehicles, the quality and performance of in car displays have gained increasing attention. Refond Optoelectronics employs Mini LED backlight technology to achieve more precise regional dimming, catering to various display requirements while allowing for highly personalized custom designs. This empowers automakers to create in car displays that align with their brand identity and consumer demands, resulting in highly personalized screens.

Product Advantages:

- Extremely high brightness, unaffected by intense sunlight.
- A multitude of dimming zones, providing exceptional contrast.
- Ultra high-definition for finer picture quality.
- Uncompromisingly slim, with ultra-low energy consumption.

04 Ambient Light LED

Automotive ambient lighting can create different atmospheres by altering the play of light inside the vehicle. It allows for complete vehicle synchronization, delivering a more comprehensive and multi dimensional sensory experience to the passengers. Simultaneously, ambient lighting can enhance the sense of luxury and technology in the vehicle, bolstering the brand's image. 

Refond crafts high-quality light-emitting diodes (LEDs) that provide even light distribution and incorporate various color gradient effects. These LEDs can dynamically adjust to the changing scenario, offering users a more comfortable, enjoyable, and high quality driving experience.

Product Advantages:

- Independent control of RGB channels, each with a 20-meter range.
- 32-level brightness adjustment.
- 256 grayscale for monochrome, supporting 16,777,216 adjustable mixed colors.
- Built-in ring oscillator at 20MHz.
- Maximum serial input data clock frequency of 15MHz, ensuring IC LED light chain refresh.
- Signal series transmission for simpler wiring.
- Supports power-saving sleep and wake-up modes.

05 Smart Infrared Sensing Series

Smart infrared sensing LEDs are a vital component of vehicle smart technology, enhancing the vehicle's level of intelligence. They can real-time monitor the vehicle's surroundings and obstacles, providing drivers with precise distance and location information, helping to avoid collisions and dangerous situations, and enhancing the driving experience and safety. 

Refond's smart infrared sensing series is known for its easy integration and customization, featuring high reliability, precision, and low power consumption. These qualities meet the requirements of intelligent vehicle control.

Product Advantages:

- Rich angles, customizable.
- Comprehensive power range from 0.2W to 5W.
- A full range of products, compatible for pin-to-pin replacement.
- Applications include driving night vision illumination and monitoring the driver's physiological state.

Opportunities & Strategies

As a professional provider of automotive-grade LED components, Refond ensures that all of its LED light sources pass the AEC-Q102 automotive grade certification. Refond has an independent and comprehensive automotive-grade production and testing system, strictly adhering to the IATF16949 quality management system, thus meeting the requirements of the VDA automotive quality management standards.

In response to the increasing demand for high-quality LEDs in the digital automotive lighting sector under the wave of automotive electrification and smart technology, Refond Optoelectronics is actively developing high-power white LEDs. These high-quality, highly reliable LED components are customized solutions for various applications, including matrix headlamps, driving further development in high-end automotive lighting applications.